Business Promoting Display Stands and Desks

How you display your products is one of the most important aspects of successful retailing. Prafit Oy offers display stands and desks for both shop and trade fair use.

Easy to Maintain and Refill

Our furniture combines easy maintenance and refilling with delivering your brand’s message just the way it’s intended. Your products will be kept in order and your customers will have the best possible shopping experience. Our standard models include display solutions for packaged goods as well as loose items such as designer sunglasses. 

Display Products According to Your Brand

Prafit’s custom made display stands and desks are designed according to your brand. We also have extensive know-how in designing and manufacturing display furniture for special products. With us, your possibilities are nearly limitless. From colours and logos to form and function, we will always strive to deliver the best possible solution – even for the most exclusive spaces.

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