Versatile Shop and Service Counters

Prafit Oy’s shop and service counters create an accessible and practical environment for both the customer and the salesperson. Our good-looking, ergonomic and functional models are suitable for boutiques as well as shopping centres.

One Stop Shop for Counters

We have a wide selection of shop and service counters that can be used both in retail and service industries. Our standard models include also i.a. information desks that can be used in public buildings. Prafit’s dedicated staff is always happy to help you in finding a solution that best suits your business requirements.

Bespoke Shop Counters

If you feel that your business needs a truly personalised shop or service counter, Prafit’s designer are at your service. In our bespoke designs the possibilities are limitless. Special attention can be given to e.g. the furniture’s mobility, accessibility or the brand image.

Before our work commences, we will carefully listen to your wishes and requirements. This is how we can guarantee you a shop counter that is visually striking and works even in the most demanding environments.

Contact us for more details!

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