Retail Furniture and Aluminium Profiles

From the Fine Details to the Big Picture

When the solutions are designed specifically for you, everything will fall into place. Prafit’s catalogue ranges from retail furniture and aluminium profiles to slatwall panels and toilet cubicles. In all of our categories we offer both bespoke and general use products.

Retail Furniture

Successful retail store needs to combine beauty and function in its furniture. That’s why our bespoke furniture is designed to benefit both you and your customers. We offer full service store designs and installations as well as small-scale solution for e.g. trade fairs.

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Aluminium Profiles

Light weight combined with high strength and resistance to corrosion makes aluminium the perfect choice for multiple different uses. Our range includes over 200 different aluminium profiles and we also offer products tailored for your needs – with a guaranteed fast delivery.

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Toilet Cubicles

Our cubicle systems are crafted with the highest quality materials, fixtures and fittings. They are suitable for wet environments and their looks can be tailored according to your wishes with multiple colour choices. We also offer an installation service if required.

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Slatwall Panels

Versatile display opportunities, good looks and space efficiency make slatwall panels the perfect solution for both retailing and storing goods. Our panels are available both in standard and tailored measures – with a wide range of colours and accessories.

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