Aluminium Profiles for All Purposes

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Aluminium combines light weight with high strength and resistance to corrosion. This makes it a perfect material for multiple different uses. Prafit Oy’s product range covers over 200 different profiles as well as aluminium plates and strips. We also offer extensive machining services.

Standard Aluminium Profiles

Prafit’s standard profiles can be used widely in different applications. From our stock you’ll find aluminium extrusions for i.a. protection, framing and decoration.

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Aluminium Profile Systems

Our aluminium profile systems have been designed with functionality in mind. They are perfect for building retail furniture, display solutions as well as other lightweight structures.

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Profiles for Glass Blocks and Slides

Prafit’s aluminium profiles make the installation and moving of glass safe and fast. Our sturdy products ease your work and widen the possibilities of using glass elements.

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Custom Aluminium Profiles

Our custom profiles are manufactured for a variety of demanding uses, such as HVAC and automotive components. Our services also include custom profile designs.

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Aluminium Profile Joints

Frames, stands and shelves are only some of the applications that our aluminium profile joints can be used for. That’s why they are they are favoured by e.g. carpenters and home improvers.

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