Retail Furniture from Shop Counters to Store Design

Made to Measure for Your Business 

Prafit Oy’s retail furniture is designed to support your business in the best possible way. We manufacture both standard and bespoke solutions that make your shop shine. With us, your company’s visual brand is in good hands and the functionality is always top notch. Should you wish to buy individual pieces of furniture, you can visit our exhibition, shop and outlet in our premises. 

Display Cabinets

A beautiful vitrine is the centre of attention in a shop as well as in a museum. Our range includes display cases that are both attractive and reliable. They also offer extra functionality and safety by easy alarm system integration and with the use extra strong Hammerglass®.

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Retail Store Design

Our bespoke retail stores cater to you and your customers every need. The most important aspects in our designs are functionality, beauty and the possibility for future expansions. We strive to help you achieve and surpass your business goals – with a respect for your brand.

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Shop and Service Counters

Prafit’s visually striking and ergonomic shop counters are designed with both sides of the service in mind. Our standard models are suitable for shopping centers, boutiques as well as information desks. We can also design a shop counter that meets your exact requirements.

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Display Stands and Desks

The display of your products is the key for more successful sales. Our stands and desks promote your business in high street shops as well as in trade fairs. Our bespoke solutions help you deliver your brand’s message just the way it’s intended – without compromises.

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